Build a self-motivated, self-directed team

Do you feel like your employees hold you and your company hostage?  Learn how to take the control back so that it is a win-win for everyone.

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Let your employees choose their own path through transparency and data. In turn, you will only keep the best employees, and weed out the poor cultural fits.


Create a culture of harmony and no longer feel “held hostage” by your employees.


Create a culture that requires no micromanaging from your leadership team.

Wish you could reduce negative employee behavior?

The process is actually very straight forward. It’s the implementation that stops most people in their tracks.


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"Martha Woodward is an excellent presenter. Everything she does is clear and concise and down to earth. There is no ego in her presentations; just a need to help people understand and be their best. After seeing her present in person and on recording about pay for performance, we are implementing our program this week with staff."

Kris Koenig
Natura Cleaning

Get your staff meeting outline

Pop in your name and email to get your free download.

Quality Driven Software

Employee performance tracking software is the perfect compliment to your Pay for Performance program. This program will help you keep track of HR issues such as breakage, policy violations, quality issues and much more.

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